In May, 2017 the North Dakota Stockmen's Association brought a speaker to Watford City, Bruce Vincent.  He spoke about a path forward for rural American in a time of urban/rural divide.  Bruce is a third generation logger from Libby, MT who turned activist during and after the timber wars of the 1980's and 1990's in the American west.  He now speaks all over the United States with a focus on the need to communicate the importance of responsible resource and land management.  He inspired me to take his challenge and spend one hour a week advocating for what we do and who we are, the 1.5% of the American population that produces food for the 329 million Americans that exist today.


Below, we have shared a little inspiration with videos and recommended reading.  We hope you too will take Bruce's challenge.  Get on the path forward and begin moving down it.  Be a change agent.  Participate.  Show up.  Be present.  Share your stories of being on the land and what your stewardship looks like.  Tell your story as a member of the one and a half percent, #fromtheoneandahalfpercent