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Best Value in the Badlands Annual PRODUCTION SALE
March 7th, 2022
Watford City ND

2022 SALE offering 85 Angus Bulls & 20  Elite Females
~ 75 Yearlings bulls
~ 10 Two-Year old bulls
~ 20 commercial heifers
2 Ranch Raised Broke horses

Our Bull Development Program

Our bulls are developed at our ranch with the focus of their development being longevity. We try to feed a ration much higher in roughage than traditional bull feeding rations. We did increase our energy level slightly from a .46 NEG to a .48 NEG and a protein level of 13%. We were very happy with the gains that the bulls posted last year and fertility testing went very well as a result. Reports on how the bulls performed last year have been excellent and encouraging. Our bulls had an average back fat last year of .21 inches, which is very lean. We feel that it is important that the bulls are fed enough that they will be able to cover a large number of cows as yearlings, but not over fed to prevent them from 'crashing' during the Summer and Fall.